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Have your PS4 repaired today at very competitive rates. We offer a wide range of repairs for PS4 consoles.

These include:

►  Blue Light Of Death

PS4 Blue Light of DeathIf your PS4 turns on and you have a either a flashing blue light or a blue light then power off, it could be one of many problems. Not to worry, contact us and we can try to diagnose the problem and provide a quote.

►  Laser Problems

PS4 Laser Replacement / RepairIf your PS4 is no longer loading games or blu ray discs, you may need to have a new blu-ray laser fitted. After time, the laser in your PS4 becomes weak and therefore unable to read information from your discs. When you insert a game into your console and it fails to load, the chances are you need a new laser.

►  Broken HDMI Socket

PS4 HDMI Socket Port Replacement / RepairIf your PS4 is not displaying to your TV and the connection for your HDMI socket feels loose then it's likely your HDMI socket needs to be replaced. You can check to see if the pin connectors inside the port are bent or out of aligment

►  Jammed Disc Drive

PS4 Dsic Drive Mechanism RepairIf you try to insert a disc into your PS4 and it doesn't take it in then you could have an issue with the blu ray dive mechanism. Not to worry though - this can be repaired.

►  No Controller Sync

PS4 Dsic Drive Mechanism RepairIf your PS4 is no longer syncing your DS4 controller, it's highly likely your Bluetooth & Wi-Fi adapter is faulty. We can repair this same day within 2 hours!

►  Red Light Of Death

PS4 Red Line / Light of DeathIf your PS4 is displaying a red light when you turn it on, it could be due to overheating issues or a hardware malfunction. This can be repaired and we also offer servicing options to prevent such errors from coming back.

►  Error Codes

PS4 Error CodesIf your PS4 displays and error code it could be one of many reasons - from simple software issues to hardware failures. Contact us and we will be happy to try resolve your problem in the simplest way possible

►  Other Errors

PS4 RepairsIf your PS4 has an issue which is not listed above then don't worry - just give us a call or send us an email using the above form and we will contact you and arrange your repair. Here at fixPS4, we deal with all sorts of PS4 issues...

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All repairs come with a full 60 days warranty. Repairs are always carried out the same day so that you don't have to wait for your console! Repairs usually take between 1 to 2 hours to complete.

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